The King’s Fund report today shows the increasing demand and immense pressure that is being placed on our struggling social care system. Their findings are a must read but an equally important point is made right in the opening section.

There is a huge 'treasure chest' of information available to councils that until now has been overlooked or considered too fragmented and disparate to be useful. But with an aging population and an increasing demand for care, councils need to be using data to improve their understanding of the cost drivers within the system and prepare effectively for the future. 

Recognising the need for councils to better utilise data to help support critical investment decisions, the Grant Thornton Insights and Analytics team recently released an insights platform focussed on Adult Social Care. Adult Social Care insights (ASCi) takes publically available data (including that used in the King's Fund report), cleanses and simplifies it to allow users to conduct their own analysis. Breaking it down to individual council level allows ASCi users to go even further and benchmark themselves to find similar or better performing councils in; context, demand, activity, costs and outcomes.

Grant Thornton has also created high level reports on each of the above topics so that councils can quickly assess their own performance and benchmark against their peers.

If you would like to better understand how your council is performing then please get in touch. We are currently visiting councils to demonstrate the platform and will also be presenting ASCi at the ADASS conference next week.