Last week saw NHS England publish the CCG Improvement and Assurance Framework for 2018/19. It is interesting to see the emphasis on place-based partnerships. There is acknowledgement that the current legislation requires an annual assessment of each CCG however the main theme in the document is NHS England and NHS Improvement working together to develop an integrated oversight framework to assess system-level performance. 

Much has been written about the challenges of the existing system and it is encouraging to see clearly set out the principles underpinning the oversight to "speak with one voice" and "working with" system leadership. CCGs will welcome the intention to focus on practical support rather than assurance and monitoring.  The detail of how this will be done is key as will how the framework supports the long term plan for the NHS.

For 2018/19 there are now 52 performance measures for CCGs. The additional measures link to areas that have been in the media in recent months being mental health, primary care, diagnostics and demand management.