As if the state of the social care workforce wasn't hard enough, Brexit poses further risks.  The number of non UK EEA nationals employed in social care has been rising dramatically.  It become very important that whatever deal (or no deal) safeguards this workforce.  The double whammy for social care is that the NHS has similar Brexit risks, and will be a more attractive employer for many should our transition provide a hard squeeze on EEA migration.

Sorry to be even more miserable, but provider failure in both domicilary and residential care, is at risk of acceleration.  For hard-pressed Councils there is a major cost risk.  Providers go under, and they have to expend scarce resources in deploying contingency/transition arrangements.  And a combination of supplier failure and workforce shortages will push prices up.

Aside from the power of prayer in ensuring Brexit goes smoothly, good quality supply chain information for Councils is at a premium.  The skills in market shaping, arguably given only lip service in recent years, suddenly start to feel of singular importance....

I will try to make my next blog a bit more upbeat :)