It was a privilege to work with Independent Age on this report.  They have an incredibly strong policy team, who know it isn't good enough just to scream for more #socialcare money.  We have to work out two other big questions:

a) what reform is needed; and

b) how as a society we pay for the resulting policy

This report deals with the policy side and the fiscal side - and as such I think it represents a more grown up way of thinking about reform.  I contrast this with the recent £20bn for the NHS. Much needed, but the government have ducked the question about how it will be paid for. With no new tax proposals, we can only assume that borrowing (or cuts elsewhere) will fund the settlement.  I think the days of this kind of sticking plaster politics are numbered.

As my CEO, @romanovsun has said 'we need a new operating system for the world'.  The money we invest in social care is our money, not the government's - we have to collaboratively architect the settlement that means what we pay is aligned to our services, our societal structures and our ethical values.

Independent Age have taken a big step forward in joining up these questions - as such this is a very different kind of campaigning report.