I think the LGA have produced an excellent Green Paper. It is well thought through and addresses most of the right questions.  I would urge those interested in the development of the sector to read it.

But a number of things are simultaneously [and curiously] true in relation to Adult Social Care

1.  Most of us are pessimistic that the government can, via a Green Paper and other mechansims, muster the tax and spending leadership required in social care

2. On this issue there is a failure of the local and national state to combine to do something sensible (both are trapped by political and legislative enfeeblement) 

3.  The evidence demonstrates the public want a new social care settlement and are prepared to consider paying for it

4. Any additional funding must, I believe, be accompanied by robust reform to be effective (this is where the LGA are less strong in their Green Paper, understandably so)

5.  The most likely scenario is another short term lurch at or marginally before another major failure or scandal

We have a failure of leadership.  The LGA have put their hand up but they alone cannot create the future for Adult Social Care we need and want.  This is bad news for vulnerable people, for our economy and for society.  We have to find a way through.