As the LGA conference 2018 kicks off this is sobering reading.  The debate around local Government funding is often defined by adult social care, of the fair funding review or business rates retention. Sometimes it's easy to get lost in the detail.  

This morning of conference summary makes a much broader point.  Local government has been decimated and has huge financial and community sustainability cohesion risks looming like a spectre.  If we accept the proposition that the NHS is both a sacred cow and has huge demand risks driven by an ageing population, what other part of Government could deal with this scale of reduction. Could you imagine the squealing from defence industry lobbyists or the Higher/Further Education if they had faced such reductions.  

Sometimes in the national political cycle there is a time for bravery.  It's about choices.  Neglecting local government and letting it wither on the vine will be a choice - not an inevitable outcome.  Will the Government be brave and make the right choice?