Lots has been written about the NHS £20billion and the deafening silence in respect of social care but I want to challenge whether  is the job of the LGA to say how from a macro- economic perspective social care should be funded.  That is the job of Government. 

Government should have had the  political courage not to pass the buck via the precept to Local authorities in the first place. Government should  have done some basic economic research which would have told them that it would not raise anywhere near sufficient funds to support the challenges of the 2020's and that the  distribution would have has no correlation to need.  

If local government had any fiscal powers other than capped council tax precepts, I would be more sympathetic to Paul Burstow's arguments but they don't. Until we have proper fiscal devolution and a diversity of tax raising powers, this is the Government's problem period. This is a time for political courage and recognising the support we need to give to the most vulnerable people in society to enjoy as fulfilling life as possible.