Running MHCLG is one of the lower profile jobs in Cabinet but arguably covers the most complex societal problems domestically. It is about business, health, community, brexit, tax raising and housing to name but a few.  Some of these issues are pretty intractable.  

What would make life a lot easier for everyone would be if MHCLG didn't have to worry about funding local government, because these powers were locally based as in many parts of the world rather than based on trying to shoehorn tow regressive and outdated taxes, council tax and business rates into a redistribution system of Kafkaesque complexity and irrationality.   

The current system is clearly beginning to break some local authorities and whilst the Ministry can deal with one Northamptonshire it can't deal with multiple numbers crashing and burning over the next couple of years.   

If we take housing alone, our bizarre system puts planning in the hands of local government but financing the building of  new houses for social rent solely in the hands of the Government or investors.  

Brexit will probably impact on local communities in an hugely uneven way and local government will have to manage this but no one in Govt is listening to local views as its deemed a national issue. 

The challenges facing the social care and health systems seem to be only listened through the narrative of the national NHS perspective, which is a community of both idealists and self- interested power structures.  

The local perspective on health is not really listened to.  As long as we, as a country, continue to look at everything through a national rather than local perspective, we will keep getting in wrong and completely fail to meet 21st century challenges  which in a connected world which needs local solutions, is a neglect we will pay a very high price for in future generations.