Its often said that the paralysis in Government over Brexit has prevented many other urgent issues being given the priority that they deserve.  However if you look closely at some of these issues they have their own form of paralysis. 

Social care can often seem an existential battle over funding with Generation Rent demanding old people fund their care from their Housing largesse and older voters believing its their right after a lifetime of "paying their dues".  Similar the need for new housing is caught in a headlock by the persistent NIMBY lobby in rural Britain who don't want their place to change and the increasingly aggressive anti-gentrification lobby in urban areas who are determined to oppose all development unless publically funded social housing - something currently financially incompatible with the Housing Act 1985.   

The paralysis of our governmental system needs no further evidence than a Conservative Government committed to building 300,000 homes a year being thwarted by its own footsoldiers and Labour councils committed to increasing social housing within the constraints of the 1985 Act being thwarted by their own activists.  As a result the 300,000 target looks very ambitious with no end to the twin evils of sky high rents and homelessness and the generational split between those pay next to nothing for housing and those that see up to 2/3 of their revenue transfer to their landlords.