This is a sobering article which should make us all reflect.  Too many children have the wrong start to life because of a challenging upbringing caused by a cycle of poverty and deprivation - things that all the evidence shows leads to dysfunction and poor parenting.  There are too many parts of the country where this has become the norm.   The causes are numerous and it’s simplistic to blame government, councils or individual parenting choices.  

A recent report noted that outside of London and the South- East our productivity was akin to the Southern states of the US and Eastern Europe- places where child poverty, deprivation and poor life chances are ingrained. Like all good narratives we need to start at the beginning and focus on our children, how we support parents, how we educate our children, how we inspire them how we give them life chances.  If we don't we will get what we have always got.  

Unless we tackle child poverty at root  it won't matter a jot how many shiny new roads, airports and trains we build - as a country we are letting large swathes of the next generation fail.  Is that how we are going to compete in a global market against South Korea and Singapore?