The Institute of Government is a respected commentator on the impact of Government spending decisions and this make painful reading. The old trope that the British want US style taxes and Swedish public services is never sharper than it is now. 

Whilst the majority of people recognised the need for some belt tightening after the recession, there is clearly no real appetite in the public or indeed in Government to accept that fundamental services such as the NHS and adult care should be worse than they used to be. Hence we have the rigours of OFSTED and CQC but we have a knee jerk response to the latest crisis- throwing money in a scattergun approach hoping to put a finger in the dyke and then repeating.  All whilst the  vacuum cleaner that is Brexit is sucking up time, money and rigour in policy making.   

This approach will ultimately cost more in the long term than proper planning and ownership by the public of what 21st public services should look like.  This is not just about Government, its about all of us as citizens, business and other organisations setting the dial for what we want our country to be , not how we can patch up a 20th century narrative  that doesn't work any more.