CQC  and other regulators tend to operate quite narrowly within in their remit.  They inspect local services and reach a conclusion about their adequacy or otherwise. Its probably always worth taking notice when their work leads to a clear conclusion about the unsustainable nature of the adult social care system.  As a country we are often very slow at planning for social and demographic change  either in terms of capital infrastructure spending and in directing revenue resources towards the areas of highest needs.   In some ways the current period of austerity has provided a somewhat elaborate smokescreen for political points scoring which masks underlying and quite fundamental structural issues,.  Ultimately both health and social care systems have not had sufficient  long term planning to deal with a fundamental demographic shift - we have arguably not moved beyond the post war settlement which created the current model and often clunkily directs money to the wrong solutions , a system which  value the " cure" far more than it values prevention, which values organisational silos more than people and values professional boundaries more than people centred solutions.