The Conservatives have launched their manifesto with the replacement of the triple lock, the ending of winter fuel payments for the well off and the bringing of  property into the reckoning for the funding of care costs with a cap of 100k which cannot be touched.   

There is a rationality and logic to these proposals and it does start to redress the balance a bit in favour of millennials and generation tax payers who are currently funding all of the above.  There are of course a number of risks to the proposals 1) a house owner in London will face giving away most of their equity and those in poorer parts of the North will be giving away virtually none, and that 2) accessing the cash for councils could prove fiendishly difficult and 3) the plan could give rise to the creation of all sorts of financial devices which lead to the murkier depths of the sub prime market.  Perhaps more importantly than all of this is whether any of this is enough to cover the growing numbers of over 75s and the seemingly inexorably march of dementia and other life limiting conditions. It all feels like a fix for now, not a solution for 2025 or beyond.