The general election seemed to have engendered both excitement in the Westminster "bubble" and apathy in the country in equal measures but not many have spared a thought for returning officers and their teams.  

The LGG article usefully clarifies the pressure on these teams, especially those running full scale local elections on May 4.  Its probably a useful metaphor for the whole of public services and how everything is taken for granted by politicians, media and public, only bothering to be positive in extremities such as the Westminster bombings. 

Holding elections in this country with our reputation for scrupulous and fair minded public servants is far more tricky than in Putin's Russia or Erdogan's Turkey where there are doubtless streams of party workers who will to do the count.  Election budgets, like everything else have been cut for 7 years- maybe someone will drop a clanger this time round. Doubtless they will be hammered if they do.  

Maybe its time to praise the job people do, recognise the challenges and understand that public services are run by people who do make mistakes sometimes. If its an honest one-  we should be sympathetic  and not complaining.