This is a great article in terms of reflecting an issue that is societal and has been since the dawn of time.  The bottom line must be that however be that in our society, whilst there still is subjugation and conscious discrimination, addressing the challenge of unconscious bias is really difficult. There are a lots of different steps we can all take as leaders in organisation in terms of every decision we take.  Who did we give that opportunity to and why? Did we consider alternative candidates? Did we focus on who shouted the loudest or made the most attempts to impress us? Did we take a gamble or always go for the safe option? If most leaders are men? do men need to reflect on who their followers are and why? If we  leave this all to just the big promotion decisions we will never solve the problem. Its got to be part of our culture from the bottom up and on all the small day to day and seemingly mundane stuff to build confidence and nurture an inclusive environment from the moment someone steps into our organisations.