If EU workers were not able to stay in the UK after Brexit, it would be disastrous for a social care service that is already in the midst of an extreme funding crisis. The estimated loss of over 145,000 jobs would greatly exacerbate the recruitment pressures already felt within the adult social care system and NHS. Unsocial working hours and low pay do not make social care an attractive career for many UK citizens, even in areas of low job growth and low skills. 

The ILC-UK have estimated that if the government delivers on its commitment to reduce overall levels of net migration, there will be a social care workforce gap of more than 750,000 people by 2037. This is a staggering figure and reinforces the need for government to design an immigration system which addresses these workforce pressures. This needs to be done immediately, before people start to leave voluntarily, and rescuing our struggling social care service becomes an impossible task.